How to choose brake pads, rotors and brake pads.

In every car brake pads is an integral part of the brake system, how fast the car can stop and stand a distance of braking distance will depend on it.

brake padsPerhaps the most important parameter, which first of all we pay attention to the selection of pads, it’s operating temperature. Everything depends on the material from which the pads are made, accordingly the temperature also will be different. The optimum operating temperature is from 300 to 350 degrees Celsius for conventional cars.

As for the expensive cars or sports cars, it is better to put the pads in where the operating temperature is from 800 to 900 degrees Celsius, but those types will perform its functions only after heating to a temperature of + 100─200 degrees Celsius. It means that to establish such pads driving on city road is simply meaningless, equivalent to throw money in the trash.

Also important criterion is the coefficient of friction. If the brake pads are not warmed up to operating temperature, it will be worse than the coefficient of friction will be worse, pads will be fade faster. In standard pad, this ratio is 0,3─0,5. As higher the number – so better is braking.